I’m Samuel, a graphic + interaction designer based in NYC. 
Currently at R/GA New York.

I recently worked on

Verizon 11:11


The Laundry Shop

Interaction Design

The Laundry Shop provides coin laundry and thrifting at one place, inducing fashionistas to be more eco-friendly, efficient, and community-driven.


Interaction Design

Drop&Go stores items and provide the option to have them picked up or delivered to the customers in the most efficient way through an app.


Interaction Design

PlasticCycle is an interactive exhibition designed to educate and bring awareness about plastic pollution.

SoNoir Typeface

Typography, Motion

SoNoir is a modular typeface created with six shaped inspired by blackletters. Different from the traditional blackletters which were mainly used for prints, SoNoir has been designed to be applied to digital media.


Identity Design

Rebranding of MASP (Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand), an art museum well known for its headquarters, a 1968 concrete and glass structure designed by Lina Bo Bardi, whose main body is supported by two lateral beams over a freestanding space, considered a landmark of the city and a main symbol of modern Brazilian architecture.

Phaze Books

Identity Design

Transforming a romance and erotic imprint with a vulgar look to a poetic and sophisticated look so that the readers can comfortable carry their books in public.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Identity Design

This proposal for Illinois Institute of Technology is designed based on the hierchy system of coding to organize the colleges, departments, and the courses under the university, providing a sytem for each colleges to keep the visual style and the system consistent.


Identity Design

Rebranding of Moovit, a service that simplifies urban mobility all around the world making it more efficient, accessible, and sustainable.