Made with Vicky Chen  &  Joy Guo

Three simple steps.

Add it. Send it. Receive it.

Add your item.

You are easily able to add an item by taking a quick photo.

Request our courier.

If you do not wish to drop off your item, our trusted courier will come to pick your item.

Your items are safe with us.

We will notify you as soon as our courier drops off your item to a store you picked.

Want your item back?

Simply click on the photo of your item on the homepage to decide how you wish to get your item back.

Can’t receive your item personally?

No worries! You can appoint someone else to receive your item for you with their consent.

Easy and secure.

Your appointee will be informed with a delivery code and an instruction.

Keeping you updated.

Once our courier delievers your item to whoever you’ve appointed, we will let you know.