5G Just Got Real

Made at R/GA NY
Client: Verizon

R/GA helped Verizon to build experiences that demonstrate how
5G can enhance people’s lives and passions today, on the new
iPhone 12 Pro and Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband.

My role in this project included exploring design system and building
the key visuals, icons, lockups, brand toolkit, and the website in
collaboration with other creatives.

Key Visuals + Lockups ↓↓↓

Immersive App Experience ↓↓↓


Agency: R/GA NY

Creative Team
CCO: Tiffany Rolfe
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Mosher, David Yankelewitz
Associate Creative Director: Jenny Wu, Tommy Korad
Design Director: Livia Ito, Sherry Kuo
Experience Design Director: Terrence Ma
Senior Experience Designer: Ricardo Medina
Copywriter: Kate Sheehan
Art Director: Alyssa Pauker
Associate Designer: Samuel Kim